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Electric Mobility


Electric Mobility

Electric mobility project

City of Madrid website: movilidadelectricamadrid.es

Evectra, a company which is part of im3, provides consulting and engineering services to foster electric mobility in the city of Madrid.

The city of Madrid has one of the most worrying environmental problems with air quality and climate change. This is why, together with its regional counterparts, the city of Madrid launched its own air quality and climate change strategy, known as Plan A, last year. This works hard to combat pollution with its genuinely drastic 11 21 measures during episodes of contamination, a total of 30 steps to foster the use of low-emission vehicles, with electric vehicles as its main priority. Apart from this, in particular measure number 21 in Plan A establishes that the public EV charging infrastructure network must be fully implemented. These two starting points give rise to two lines of work for the city of Madrid:

First line of work: strategic electric mobility action plan for the city of Madrid:

  • Reporting the current state of the market for electric vehicles in Madrid.
  • Defining, coordinating and monitoring all interested parties connected with electric mobility.
  • Monitoring coordination and information meetings, as well as forums related with electric mobility.
  • Diagnosing all the challenges faced by electric mobility in the city of Madrid.
  • Defining the strategic measures required to foster electric mobility. These strategic measures centre on four different lines of action:
    • Charging infrastructure.
    • Renewal of the vehicle populations, including at the same time: public fleets with electric vehicles and public transport, taxis, distribution of urban charging, shared electric mobility and private vehicles.
    • Regulatory framework and public policy measures.
    • Promotion and awareness-raising measures.
  • Advice on fiscal policy incentives to favour electric vehicles.
    Second line of work: defining a strategy for rolling out the charging infrastructure in Madrid:
  • Review and technical advice on contractual maintenance documents with charging point operators (CPO) in relation to the existing payment infrastructure, including:
    • Drawing up a cooperation agreement between the city of Madrid and existing CPOs to further expand the management and maintenance of public payment infrastructure in the city, as well as drawing up the associated financial report.
    • Drawing up a second, open agreement between the city of Madrid and any CPO willing to present, plan and operate a charging station on private ground but with the special feature of being accessible to the public. Also includes drawing up the associated financial report.
  • Technical support to expand the charging infrastructure: study of the correct distribution of charging points in the city and definition of strategic measures.
  • Analysis of charging infrastructure in Madrid: number of charges, demand for power for electric vehicles and report on the technical conditions of recharging points.