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Electric Mobility


Electric Mobility

Technical support for CAR2GO charging points

Evectra, a company in the im3 group, designs the charging infrastructure engineering for CAR2GO points

CAR2GO plans to increase its fleet of shared cars in Madrid. To guarantee an excellent service, CAR2GO needs to charge electric cars, and to do this it needs more parking places.

Technical support by Evectra (im3 group) consists of designing the engineering for a charging structure for each new hub required by CAR2GO.

Tasks performed by Evectra:

  • Hub location study.
  • Charging infrastructure engineering.
  • Technical standards for charging infrastructures.
  • Establishing the tendering requirements for electrical installations.
  • Construction management: supervision and management of installation work, health and safety coordination, specification and commissioning of charging infrastructure.
  • Charging infrastructure and user management.
  • Charging infrastructure maintenance.
  • Legal advice.
  • Providing advice on everything concerned with the standards for payment infrastructure in Spain and subsidies.