Ingenieros Emetres wins the first prize of the Innovation Contest of the Enel Chile VendorDay 2018

//Ingenieros Emetres wins the first prize of the Innovation Contest of the Enel Chile VendorDay 2018

Santiago de Chile, December 3th 2018

The engineer Jonathan Cruz Guzmán of 27 years old presented last November 30 a projet called “Touch® Work Platform” to an audience of 200 attendants. The event was broadcast to Enel headquarters in America and Europe.

Touch® Work Platform” competed with the other two final projects “Energy 4.0” and “Video engagement” obtaining 63% of votes, against 21% and 16% from other projects.

The event rewards the best innovation idea in Enel’s business in product area and security, digitalization and sustainability.

Jonathan had 5 minutes to present his technological project focused on digitizing 100% of the process of one of the framework contracts that IM3 has with Enel, and in which he is working since January 2017.

The benefits of the project in favour of sustainability are clear: reduction of 12 kg of paper per week and two bi-monthly toners per professional, in addition to significant reduction of process times, associated costs, and improved traceability of tasks.

This is the second first prize that IM3 gets in the VendorDay contests of Enel Chile, after which in 2014 it was awarded in the category of Excellence in the provision of technical services.

IM3 received this new award granted by Enel as an acknowledgment for all workers who strive daily to improve services to reduce time, costs and environmental impact, while increasing quality levels.

Touch® Work Platform” is a small step that points to something much more ambitious according to Jonathan’s own words “… a technological break that aims to get the elimination of paper prints within the large chain that is Enel.

In the Latam region, IM3 currently has an extensive pipeline of innovation projects, among which “project progress control” developed by Carlos Calderón and “Tekla implementation” and “calculation matrices of foundation-structure assemblies” led by Catalina Girbau.

While there is a strong commitment of the workers to develop innovative proposals for the continuous improvement of processes and services, IM3 will continue to grow in value for workers and customers.

After a short break to congratulate us, we must return to the path of a well done job to get this technological project transformed into a reality because, again in the words of Jonathan Cruz “… while there is a paper on the desk … still there is no digitization