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Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Electric mobility project: renewing a fleet of vehicles

Evectra, a company in the im3 group, is to play a part in the project to renew the fleet of vehicles belonging to the Barcelona local police

Barcelona city council has contacted Evectra (im3 group) to draw up a plan and manage work to install 30 recharging points for electric motorcycles.

This project is part of the conversion of Barcelona city council’s fleet to more sustainable vehicles with zero emissions, under which the city’s local police department has signed an agreement with BMW to purchase 30 new C-Evolution model motorcycles.

The new facilities are to be installed on the B:SM site in northern Barcelona (Estació del Nord) which is currently the location of the local police motorcycle park.

In view of the features of the fleet, the project also includes defining a monitoring system to measure a range of parameters including charge level, charging time and the consumption of each motorcycle, among others. Deployment of these new vehicles will mean a saving of 12,000 litres of fuel a year and, once all the fossil fuel vehicles in the fleet have been replaced, the saving will be 88,000 litres, which means about 121 tonnes of CO2 will stop being emitted into the atmosphere.

The BMW C-Evolution model has a rated power of 11 kW and can reach a maximum of 35 kW (equivalent to 47.5 HP). It is approved for driving with A1 and B licences, has a range of 100 kilometres and can reach maximum speed of 120 km/h.