3-year framework contract (2020-2023) for international first player in energy2021-04-28T13:16:40+00:00

Electrial Power

Electrial Power

3-year framework contract (2020-2023) for international first player in energy

im3 collaborating with the renewable expansion plan of the French multinational

    The French multinational Engie awards im3 a 3-year engineering framework contract (2020-2023)

    To serve the requirements of the Project Implementation Management, which includes the Transmission Management and the Renewable Energies Management, necessary for the evaluation and execution of projects by the electricity company in Chile.

    The Works comprise all the necessary engineering activities for electrical projects of high voltage lines and substations, highlighting the following:

    • Discipline of Civil and Structural Works
    • Transmission Lines Discipline
    • Discipline Electrical Equipment and Substations
    • Discipline Control and Protections
    • Telecommunications Discipline
    • Discipline of Systemic Studies
    • Study Scenario
    • Power Flow Study
    • Short Circuit Study
    • Permanent and Transitory Stability Study
    • Study of Transient Recovery Stresses (TRV)
    • Protection Coordination and Adjustment Study
    • Isolation Coordination Study
    • Bar Capacity Study
    • Study of Energization of Transmission Systems