Innovation | im3 solutions

Im3 solutions creates solutions to meet specific demands in their entirety. We rely on technology and constant innovation. We want to help you in the digital transformation of your business to achieve improved efficiency and competitiveness.

What do we offer?

Consultancy based on an overall view

Our focus on challenges is total: we use our departments’ resources, information and techniques. In this way we establish agile working methodologies, interdepartmental procedures and parametrise flows to cut costs.


Personalised solutions tailored to each project

One problem, one solution; at im3 we meet challenges in a personalised, detailed way. Analysis to integrate systems and eliminate silos. We standardise data entry in company systems together with the client and streamline processes.


Implantación, formación y soporte

We opt for an overall approach. Only like this can we achieve the most satisfactory performance and establish a framework for maintenance, updating and support. We assist our clients throughout the process, responding in an agile way.


Im3’s methodology

In comparison with traditional methods, we have managed to cut data collection time by 30% and administrative and management work by 50%, as well as linking field and office resources using geolocation systems and a remote view of work in real time.

We use media that enable us to save on resources, both financial and human, as well as time. Data are collected in the field using mobile tablets connected in real time to the office and our services to ensure databases are updated immediately.